Praline Old Fashioned
Recipe To Try at Home | New Cocktail for Autumn

Praline Old Fashioned


  • 2oz pecan-infused rum
  • 0.25oz demerara syrup
  • 3dsh angostura bitters
  • 2dsh orange bitters



Combine ingredients in a mixing glass, add ice and stir, strain into a rocks glass over ice. No garnish. Easy-peasy.



Read the story behind this new Autumn cocktail from Patrick Bowler, Assistant General Manager of Restaurants & Bars, The Alida.

During quarantine, I went to the hotel to begin designing the cocktail menu that we would serve when we reopened. I found a bag of pecans in the kitchen that had been vacuum-sealed to prevent them from getting stale during the restaurant closure and I cracked them open so that I could try to infuse them with some whiskey.


Unfortunately, I found that each whiskey I tried overpowered the pecan flavor, so I tried it again with some Appleton Signature reserve rum and found that the natural sweetness of the rum played very well off of the earthy-nuttiness of the pecans. I thought that it would be the perfect ingredient to be the star of the show in a drink like an old-fashioned, which in its standard form is simply a vessel to provide enough flavor contrast to allow for good whiskey to shine.


Obviously this version isnโ€™t about whiskey, but the pecan rum delivers a very warm, approachable experience that plays very well with the angostura and orange bitters while the demerara syrup provides just enough sweetness and body.